Where I list the 4 best things about living on my own

Hey readers, still adjusting to life on my own. Life has been pretty exciting now that I don’t live with the rents anymore. How you ask? Well let’s talk about it.

1.       1.Speaking of the parentals, I feel a lot more loved now that I don’t live at home. That sounds horrible, don’t’ be mislead. We didn’t have Jerry Springer fights. Nobody ever slapped anybody else, we were doing fine, but now that I don’t live at home anymore I get the distinct impression that my mom misses me a little bit. Mostly because she calls me to have needless conversations. Ring Ring, “Hey Tara, I just wanted to see if you want to have this bag of Hershey’s kisses that I found in the pantry from three years ago.” Ring Ring, “Hey Tara, I just wanted to let you know that your cat was annoying today. She wanted to be petted.” This is cool. I miss not always having someone to talk to when I come home at night. Love you mom!


Now that I don’t live at home, there is no way to know if we are coordinating our outfits correctly.

2.       2. I get to go out at night to do exciting adult things, and it doesn’t matter what time I come home. A while back the roommate and I went out to a country western club called “Wild West”. The best thing about Wild West is that almost everyone was wearing casual clothing. As in, there were several women wearing flip flops on the dance floor and all the men looked like they just got off from a shift at the ranch.

I I had a good time, I wasn’t the designated driver so I got to drink. I had so many drinks that the bartender shook my hand after I closed my tab. Ok that’s not true, I didn’t have that many drinks, but the bartender did shake my hand afterwards. I danced with a man who looked like he was from Duck Dynasty. I felt like was dressed really classy compared to him until I realized that I was wearing a bra that glowed in the dark under the dance floor lights, which I noticed when the straps worked their way out during “Neon Moon”.


You can’t see it from this angle but trust me, under that dress my whole chest is just glowing away.

3.      3. It’s nice to live with another girl. I told my friend Julian that I had moved into an apartment with a roommate and he asked me if my apartment was extremely girly, and if we had cork boards with inspirational slogans hanging in the kitchen and glitter all over the carpet from craft projects. The answer is…sort of? I forgot my cork board that I decorated with strips of pink scrapbook paper, and my deco paged mason jars are still stored in the closet, but we do have scented candles in the living room. We also have cupcake themed hotpads and dishtowels.


Someday I’ll move in with a husband and if he really loves me he will continue to let us dry our hands with desserts.

4.      4.My roommate is still in college. I graduated two years ago, but she is just now finishing up her last semester. The whole thing is making me have fond remembrances of my years matriculating. Also making me feel old. The other day I was driving close to campus and I saw an attractive man walking down the street. Well I thought he was attractive until I noticed his shirt said “Class of 2017”, and then I felt like a cradle robber. My roommate studies a vastly different subject than I did, which is also to say a smarter one. She is an engineering major. Sometimes I hear her discussing incomprehensible subjects with her classmates like, “algorithms”,  “program equations” and, “math”. She’s taking a class where she has to learn how to “prove” math. As in, explain to the world WHY a negative number is a negative number. Meanwhile, the other day I realized that I’m pretty sure I don’t know how to write out long division anymore. So you can guess where the numbers intelligence pendulum swings in this household.

She also has lots of friends. Lots of smart, male, engineering friends. So I’ve been working on scoping out the field, to see if there are any hot ones. The other day she was having a video chat with another student, and I was trying to slyly look at the computer screen, to see what he looked like. As I slowly slid into view, I whispered to Kayla, “Can he see me? I wanna see what he looks like, but not in a creepy way.” Kayla: “Uh, I don’t think so.” Boy: “Yes. I can.”  So I’m still working on my game.


My mom is always encouraging me to find a nice young doctor to marry, but I think a nice young nerdy engineer would still make her proud.


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