About Tara

My name is Tara.


Otherwise known as Tarasaurus Rex, otherwise known as Taradactyl, otherwise known as T-bone, otherwise known as “T”. My name and my personality lend themselves to many nicknames. Oh, and you should know that my name is pronounced “Tear-uh”. As in when you tear a phone book in half, and not tears that you cry during a chick flick. I hate it when people pronounce my name TAR-UH, because it makes me think of the black goop they put on the roads. One of my other nicknames from college is actually Tar-Tar Binks. Because I hate it when people call me Tar-uh, and I hate it Jar Jar Binks, and my college buddies delighted in torturing me.

You can call me this, but just know that I’ll die a little bit inside.

I live in San Antonio Texas, and have for almost my whole life. Most the stereotypes you’ve heard are not true. We Texans do not all live on ranches. We don’t all wear cowboy hats and ride horses everywhere. We San Antonians are kinda fat though, that one is true. It’s because San Antonio is the coalescence of every delicious, fattening food in the world.

I could exercise, but a lot of my time is taken up by deciding between Tex-Mex and BBQ.

I graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio in May of 2011, where I majored in Political Science. I was the public relations officer of the Young Democrats at UTSA, which sounds important but what it really means is that I made a lot of posters with donkeys and put them all around campus.

Here’s me with some of the other young dems. This is about as professional as it ever got.

I currently work at Costco, the wholesale warehouse. You might say, “Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound like a political science career!” And I would say, “You’re right!” I sort of got that political science degree and then didn’t know what to do with it.  Right now i’m basically figuring out my life. Here are some more photos:

This is me with my best friend. I could post a real photo of the two of us, but I think this photo most accurately expresses our hip hop lifestyle.

My family and I travel a lot. This is me river rafting, gazing back at our attractive guide. Halfway through the experience I fell out of the boat and he had to rescue me. Had to pull me right on top of him and back into the raft. Yeah, that was a real…tragedy.

This is me from when my dad and I went to a Dallas Cowboys game. I LOVE the Dallas Cowboys, I like to say that my life dream is to find a satisfying career and a loving man to share my life with, but a second dream is that Tony Romo will want to marry me, and I’ll get lifetime Cowboys tickets out of it. See? I’m not a gold digger, I don’t want him because he’s rich, I want him for the football tickets. It’s legit!

Oh and hey, i’m a giant. I’m 6’2, which I’m told is impressive for a girl. I don’t think so until I see photos like this, which my mom took of me and my baby cousin. I’m absolutely towering over her, and the baby’s all like, “No one’s held me this high up in the air before. Is this safe?”

Anyways, that’s about all you need to know about me for now! Stick around if you’de like to know more,

I’m always happy to have a new friend.



2 thoughts on “About Tara

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