Tara Tuesdays! Where I accidentally “perpendicular park”

Good afternoon readers! I almost typed Good Morning, because I just woke up, but then I remember that it is afternoon and most people get up at a normal hour. I had so many plans to be productive today, I was going to go to a gym class at 10am, and then I rolled over and it was 11:45. I need to go to bed earlier, but my work scheduled changed after Christmas, and I’m always closing, so I stay up late. Before I head off to work though, I thought I would share with you a tale that illustrates just one of the times that my coworkers have mocked and teased me relentlessly.

Sigh. I have a story to tell you about my driving I guess.


My driving is excellent. I do important things while driving, like when I get out my phone to take pictures of this taxi telling LIES. YOU’RE NOT YELLOW!!!

“Perpendicular parking” is not the phrase that I used. Before anyone starts judging me, I just want to remind everyone that I have never been in a car accident. (Knock on wood, I just paid off my car) And yet people continue to accuse me of being a bad driver. It really is a huge injustice that gets thrust upon me. I went to driving school, I passed! In college I was the only one with a car, so I drove my friends everywhere, and yet everyone was always complaining about my driving. This is so unfair; I’m no different from the rest of you. Everyone scrapes the front of parking spaces sometimes! Everyone has to slam on their breaks once in a while! Everyone drives over a curb in my neighborhood and gets a flat tire that one time!


The curb was jutting out at me, there was construction going on, it was an awkward turn, the list of reasons why that flat tire was not my fault goes on and on.

 The parade of people mocking my driving continued this weekend when I went to my coworker Jason’s football viewing party. I got off of work right as the game was starting, and I drove across the street to the gas station to get some party goods. It just so happened that my supervisor Nuffie was there doing the exact same thing. After we bought our alcohol and snacks I asked him if he knew where Jason’s house was, and he said I could follow him.

I did so, and he proceeded to get lost. He had to do a turnaround in one neighborhood, so when he did almost the exact same thing in the next neighborhood we went into, I kind of thought he might be lost again. Then suddenly I realized that he was just parking. So I panicked and swerved in front of him and also parked…per say. I was not prepared for parking! He caught me off guard.  Anyways, I still did not know which house on the street the party was at so I jumped out of the car really fast so that he wouldn’t rush off without me. He wasn’t rushing off without me, instead this happened:

Nuffie: “Hold on for a second, I’m gonna take a picture of your parking.”

Tara: “What!? No, don’t do that!”

Nuffie: “Yeah, I’m doing it…”

Tara, running back to car: “No no no! That was just kidding, I’m fixing it. Do over. DO OVER!”

(After pulling forward a considerable distance and getting as close to the curb as possible)

Nuffie: “So you know you’re parked like, two blocks away now right?”

Tara: “Did you get the picture? You’re going to show it to all the guys at work aren’t you?”

Nuffie: “Tara, I’m probably going to print it at work and hang it around the department.”

Afterwards at the party he told everyone that I had, “Perpendicular parked” as opposed to parallel parked. He was exaggerating. I am an excellent driver…

That’s all for today! Have a TARA-ific Tuesday!

Oh I love my name-puns. I’ll never get tired of them.